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Jun 2, 2020

JPS Health Network is always reaching for new ways to care for patients. Listen in to find out how medical homes and telehealth keep patients connected with personalized care tailored to their individual needs.

May 26, 2020

When a person's appearance has been altered because of an accident or health condition, the operation to save their life is only the beginning of the healing process. Listen in to find out how Dr. Steven Mapula and his team give hope and confidence to those patients so they can feel like themselves again.

May 12, 2020

Being a cop isn't only about pursuing bad guys, investigating crimes and other typical police duties. It's about creating a safe place where people can get the care they need. 

May 5, 2020

A decade ago, JPS earned Level 1 Trauma Center status under the guidance of Trauma Medical Director Dr. Raj Gandhi. It's a standard no other Fort Worth hospital has been able to meet in the ten years that followed. Listen to find out more.

Apr 28, 2020

Cancer is the word no one wants to hear. We all live in fear of it every day because in the past a cancer diagnosis was almost always a death sentence. But Dr. Bassam Ghabach, Medical Director of the JPS Health Network Oncology and Infusion Center, said new treatments, techniques and philosophies have given doctors...